EL Torrent


We are a Lighting Company with 16 years of experience, specialized in Interior decorative contemporary lighting. We are specialist in contract market that uses the ART OF LIGHT to create our collections.

We work with more than 70 types of materials that allows to have a big strength for the contract market. We are specialist in customs made. Materials: Methacrylate, Led, chrome, nickel, Textures & Materials.
El Torrent manufactures exclusive in Girona, Spain, having a total control of its production chain and subsequently, of all components delivery terms and its quality.
Our core values:
•100% Handmade
•Singular and exclusive design
•Customs made for only 1 unit
•Unique fabrics and hight quality finishings
•El Torrent supports local and proximity production (“home made”)
•Our products are designed for a lifetime thanks to two qualities that set us a part: Superior Finishes and Suitable For Many Types of Interiors