Retro cable

Catalogue:      http://www.megalight.lv/uploads/attachments/fontini/Fontini%20General%20Catalogue%20-%20July%202011.pdf

Retro cable and accessories for it:

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White and brown intertwined pvc wire 750 V, with mineral fireproof coating, with sizes: 2x1,5 mm; 2x2,5 mm; 3x1,5 mm; 3x2,5 mm; 4x1,5 mm;

Cable insulators for interwined cable - white and brown, ceramic and plastic;

Wall-Passing Cap - white and brown, plastic;

Connection boxes - porcelain white connection boxes for cable or tube, and brown aged metallic connection boxes for cable or tube;

Metallic tubes with for surface installation.

For more information about this FONTINI products look in the catalogue (see above).